We Are One

by Dereje Shiferaw

Representing race and racial identity, this painting with a graceful figure was purposely depicted with one hand being black and the other, white. The colour of the two hands emphasize and question humanity. The artist worked this piece by adding texture and colour, lines and shape form by using brushes and pallet knives and scratching with an object to create the feeling and emotion. The green background is organic and in its natural state with a resourceful feeling of boundless whilst the black bold stroke aggressively done is constructed in the composition. This piece focuses on how we are all different and beautiful, whether black or white, and that we are all one, from one human race. 


  • Acrylics on 350 gsm paper
  • 70cm by 100cm unframed
  • 77.5cm by 107.5cm mounted in white mount
  • 81cm by 111cm framed in black frame
  • 2021
  • Signed and dated


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