“I believe living good starts from the art in your collection, which are also of a good investment. This is what we ensure”
– Christine X 

Nestled in the heart of the island of Malta, Christine Xuereb Seidu, who has been passionate about art since childhood, inaugurated her art space in 2004, a place where art comes to life. For almost two decades, Christine X Art Gallery has offered an immersive artistic experience. With strong determination, we defend an open vision of art, where artists with diverse practices coexist harmoniously. Explore the soul of Maltese and international artists in Sliema, offering the public a rich and varied perspective on creativity.

From emerging artists to established talents, each work tells a unique story and captures the spirit of artistic diversity. Our commitment to African art and other international horizons creates a living canvas of color and perspective. Regular exhibitions on a variety of themes bring out the soul of each artist. Christine X Art Gallery collaborates with a variety of talented artists including Micko, Rupert Cefai, Patricia O’Brien, Svetislav Martinovic, Mario Abela and Engdaye Lemma. Discover also our collection of Maltese artworks and paintings featuring iconic landscapes. We exhibit works that explore different art forms, including painting, photography, drawing and sculpture. Each artist brings a distinct perspective to our collection, helping to create a complete and stimulating artistic experience for our visitors.

Two years ago, Christine opened an exciting new chapter with Christine X Curated, showcasing the best in local, European and African contemporary art.

Christine X Art Gallery is not just a place, it’s a dynamic and generous artistic experience. Our commitment to the promotion of contemporary art and the inclusion of international artists is reflected in every corner of our gallery and website.

Monday to Saturday, 10am to 1pm and 4pm to 7pm, we look forward to seeing you!

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