Sunny side

by Micallef Stephen

The name refers to a South-facing portion of the seafront/promenade known as such due to its exposure to the sun. Although a “pretty image”, the work aims to make viewers reflect on the suitability of such massive development along the seafront, creating a concrete “wall”, and the ever-growing importance of the integration of trees that offer a refuge from the hot sun. 

  • 2023
  • 25cm by 25cm unframed
  • 41cm by 41cm framed
  • Ink & wash, & acrylic inks on paper
  • Signed bottom left


Stephen focuses on urban sketching and painting, as a form of exploration of environments, especially the relationship between people and the built environment. He does this in an attempt to merge his academic architectural training with other forms of art. His works are mainly based on observation, often sketched from life and sometimes brought together in a collage-like manner through the superimposition of sketching over painting and vice versa.


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