Dad and kids

by Emma Weller

  • Polymerclay and mixed media sculpture
  • 20cm width by 11cm depth by 27cm height artwork size
  • Dad and kids was made in 2019, it’s a tale of safe passage as well as gender roles. The term ‘Dad’ obviously conflicts with the fact the main character has breasts, and the ‘kids’ are smaller weaker beings that need protection. Also the ‘kids’ somewhat protect the ‘Dad’ by seemingly guarding him/her.
  • Signed with the ‘mum’ in a heart tattoo on the shoulder, on the right one


An artist from London living in Gozo, Emma Weller approaches her work by exploring the nuanced relationship between humour and pathos through mixed media, drawing inspiration from her experiences of underground rave culture, travel and love of Japanese toys. Her sculptural works often play with concepts of scale and body image whilst referencing toy culture through the exploration of the ready-made.

For the exhibition at Christine X, she exhibits 6 doll-sized figures that embody various cultural inspirations as well as her approach to small scale sculpture. She offers contrasting elements of cute, grotesque and manufactured, using pink, tacky tattoos and upcycled ready-mades, all in which consolidate the individual works to provoke a sense of narrative and nostalgia.



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