Vince Briffa

Artist, curator and academic, studied at the University of Leeds and the University of Central Lancashire in the UK. Produces gallery and site-specific artwork, objects and installations integrating traditional artistic practices with digital and electronic media.

Over the past thirty five years, Briffa’s work has been exhibited in museums and galleries internationally.

His work focuses on the coexistence of dualities. It crosses blurred boundaries and studies the uncertain cleavages between opposing poles. He synthesises the extremes and acts as a seam that connects disparate realities.
Uncertain of his own actuality, he questions his own being. He is not a painter or sculptor, nor is he a film-maker or writer. He produces “works”. It’s his vocabulary. It is the vehicle that best embodies his thinking and links all his creative output.

AWARD: 2019 “Omaggio all’Arte ed all’Innovazione a Venezia 2019” by the Union of Honorary Consuls of Italy (UCOI) and the National Association of Young Innovators (ANGI) – Venice Biennale, 2019 – Arts Council Malta. 1958 Born in Malta. Lives and works in Malta. 2000 Master of Fine Arts degree with distinction (University of Leeds, UK) and 2009 PhD, University of Preston, UK. 2011 to present – Head of Digital Arts, University of Malta. 2015 Associate Professor, University of Malta.

AFFILIATIONS: 2017 Member of the Civitella Ranieri Foundation. 2016 Co-founder of the ISTRA Foundation for Arts and Research, Malta. 2002 Founding member of stART – a group of Maltese contemporary artists.