Rodrigue Dakouri

Rodrigue’s heart for the arts was born in the beautiful Ivory Coast’s landscape where he’d express himself through drawing and writing in sketchbooks. With a passion for the power of art to speak louder than words, he never let lack of an art school education stand in his way, amassing knowledge and experience on his journey. After honing his craft by working hard to make sure that each of his pieces are full of meaning and emotion, he became part of a talented collective of international artists in the UK – working in painting, fashion, and upscale items. Now, Rodrigue is working solo and creating more than ever.

Through his dynamic lined work, Roderigue assembles animals, humans, texts among other subjects to create complex compositions which will challenge any viewer. Using cultural environments he grew up in in Ivory Coast in order to feed his creativity and tell his stories, marrying aesthetics and activism.