Lina Rincon

Lina Rincon, a Norwegian artist born in Colombia and based in London, has a rich
background in painting and ceramics. Over the past decade, she has created works for art shows as well as commissioned pieces for hotels in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. Her artistry has garnered the attention of private collectors and has led to the distinction of selling her work to the Norwegian Prime Minister, as well as to renowned cultural institutions in Oslo. Rincon’s work has been showcased internationally, with exhibitions in the USA, London, and Norway. The upcoming show marks her inaugural exhibition in Malta.

At the heart of Rincon’s creative ethos is the belief that art is more than a medium of
expression; it’s a unique way of thinking and problem-solving. Her paintings, characterized by the absence of people, seek to capture the essence of spaces. Rincon is deeply fascinated by the interaction between humans and their environments, exploring how individuals project their personalities onto spaces and, in turn, how these spaces reflect our inner
states. This unique approach not only demonstrates her technical skill but also reveals a deep introspection and curiosity about the human condition.