Jacob Sammut

Photography has been an integral part of my life since I was born. Having a professional photographer for a father means that photography is your creative twin brother – the eyes and the lens. He is inspired by the great photographers who have captured some of the world’s most beautiful moments. When asked what type of photography he does, be it portraiture, fashion or anything else, he hesitates to answer, because he doesn’t do one type of photography, he does his type of photography. Everything he is asked to do goes through the same planning and thought process, with the main objective being the result and customer satisfaction.

It is all about the story, the story behind the image that is, which each viewer can interpret as they may. That is what matters to Jacob Sammut, be it the streets, a portrait or a piece of fine art, what comes across is a story which has to be told.

Jake tends to work predominantly in analog, shooting mostly black and white film, a medium he believes to be more honest and real.

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