JACOB SAMMUT I Via: Way of The Streets

12th – 31st May 2023

An analogue/ film street photography exhibition by Jacob Sammut at Christine X Art Gallery, Tigne street c/w Hughes Hallet street, Sliema

12th – 31st May 2023
Monday – Saturday 10am-1pm, 4-7pm

Contact details: phone / email: +356 99844653 info@christinexart.com

VIA: The way through which one passes. The pictures presented in this exhibition with works by Jacob Sammut document the human element in the streets, describing life to date. It stands not only to teach people today what our lives are like but also to stand as a tool to educate those who get to see the photos in the years to come. The small selection of images used in this first edition of ‘VIA’ has been chosen from a vast archive of work that I started working on in 2014. The photographs are to be treated as documents to be preserved and archived for future generations to see. They were shot using 35mm or 120 medium-format, black and white film, which were then developed and hand-printed on fibre based paper in the darkroom. Street photographs include those photographed in Budapest, Edinburgh, Florence, London, Prague, Scotland, Turkey, Valletta and Zealand,  It’s the stories to be told through these images- they’re fascinating.


  1.  Jacob Sammut’s ‘Via: Way of the Streets’ filmed on Maltarti
  2. Photography Exhibition by Jacob Sammut Captures The Streets and Their Dynamics on Times of Malta, 21st May 2023
  3. ‘It’s humans who make history, everything else is a backdrop’ on x2 Times of Malta, 15th May 2023



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JACOB SAMMUT | VIA: WAY OF THE STREETS at CHristine X Art Gallery 2022