Film Photography Workshops with Jacob Sammut

Teacher: Jacob Sammut

Be the camera: titled as such, as that is what it aims to achieve. The scope of this series of workshops, which ranges from beginner to advanced levels, is to make the photographer the key element in the work created. This workshop focuses on analogue photography, how to take photos, read light, develop your film and close the process by creating a silver gelatin print.

8 sessions with 2-2.5 weeks
Time: 7pm ( except for the Saturday Sessions)
Location: ChristineX Art Gallery, Sliema
Requirements: A 35mm Camera (preferably).
Division of Workshop: 8 SESSIONS
€280 (8 Sessions. Film, Chemicals and Paper provided)
A deposit of a €100 is to be paid on booking your slot.

Workshop overview:

Introductions and an overview of the history of photography and some of the most influential photographers of our time.

This session covers camera body types, lenses, settings, reading light and the three key features you need to understand to be in control of the images you’re producing. Further discussions on how to approach the subject you would like to photograph.

This session covers different types of film, an overview of black and white as well as colour photography, along with a thorough discussion on composition.

SESSION 4 (Saturday Morning)
We will meet in a particular location, load our cameras with film and shoot. The objective of this session is to put all the topics discussed in our previous sessions into practice, just to meet up afterwards and discuss the experience.
Film Developing: How to load film in tanks, how to prep your chemicals and how to develop your black and white film.
SESSION 6 (Long session)
Printing in a darkroom from start to finish.
(Saturday with individual slots per student)
Students come in for a one on one session to make a print of their choice from the negatives developed.

Workshop closing session and discussion followed by issuance of certificates of completion.

Get in touch if you’d like to join the third cohort.

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Film Photography workshop at Christine X Art Gallery with Jacob Sammut