Maltese Artist, Born in 1971.

Born in 1971, Rupert Cefai is a visual artist. Trained as an interior designer, Rupert managed his own practice for 14 years specialising in commercial outlets such as retail shops, bars and restaurants. During the latter part of his practice he started shifting his focus from design to art and since 2008 he is dedicating his time solely to artistic projects.
As a visual Artist Rupert has exhibited extensively and on a regular basis, taking part in a number of solo, collective exhibitions and artistic projects in Malta and abroad. His work reflects his own enjoyment of all subjects ranging from the human figure through to abstracts and landscapes, showing his fascination with that blend and balance in art that stands on the line between the real and the abstract. Since 2013, Rupert chairs the board of Governors of Fondazzjoni Kreattivita, a national public entity responsible for the Spazju Kreattiv cultural and artistic programme housed at St. James Cavalier, Ziguzajg Children’s Festival, VIVA visual Arts Festival and an Artists in Residence Programme in both Malta and Gozo.