Irish Artist, Born in 1959.


Born in London, and since earning degrees in education and art history in New Zealand, Patricia O’Brien has focused on travelling. She draws significant influence from her surroundings and living and working in diverse countries such as Australia, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Italy and now, Malta. Abstract art is her visual interpretation and her exploration of her world and her experiences. Her love of colour, rugged textures and the ever changing play of light are reflected in every piece. Essential to the language of her work is the use of various textures, mark making and colour, which reflect her fascination with nature and man made surfaces that are eroding, peeling and in a constant state of change. By trusting her feelings and intuition, many layers using various materials such as oil, cold wax, pigments and graphite are slowly built up and scraped back, disappearing and reappearing. On completion, each piece has built up a history much like life itself. She loves having the freedom to experiment and express her world through this wonderful and satisfying creative process.’