Christine X Art GalleryKENNETH ZAMMIT TABONA, Maltese, 1956

View from The House of My Dreams, 2O22

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  • Watercolour on paper
  • 78cm by 58cm artwork size
  • 95cm by 76cm mounted
  • 108cm by 89cm framed
  • 2022
  • signed

    Kenneth Zammit Tabona | Malta @kenneth_zammit_tabona

    Kenneth Zammit Tabona (b. 1956) is an eminent Maltese artist and illustrator best known for his watercolor depictions of Maltese interiors and landscapes. His work provide a multifaceted look at Malta and have been described as nostalgic poems in colour. The theme of the landscape often features as one of the most abiding concerns within the artist’s oeuvre and they feature out of the windows of the fuoridentros and on the walls of these beautiful rooms with their billowing curtains, dominating a particular social scene or interior.