'Valletta House'  by Daphne Bugeja

'Valletta House' by Daphne Bugeja

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  • Ink pen on paper 
  • Fine art print on 300gsm paper
  • 20cm by 20cm artwork size
  • 30cm by 30cm mounted
  • 33cm by 33cm framed
  • 2021
  • signed on the front
  • 1/1

    Daphne Bugeja | Malta @inka.workshop
    Artist participating in 20 x 20 Exhibition: Edition 2

    Daphne Bugeja completed her architecture degree at The University of Malta in 2013 and furthered her studies at Politechnico di Milano (Italy). This not only helped her expand her knowledge, but also fuelled her passion for drawing, driving her to develop an important niche in architecture. For Daphne, sketching was always an essential medium to use when words weren’t enough. Examining urban cityscapes that she visited in the past years coupled with Bugeja’s freehand illustrative explorations of detailed architecture led to the birth of ‘inka’. Inka is a perfect combination of both my enthusiasm towards architecture and drawings.


    A 2-dimensional image, is a typical reference and drawing perspective, architects/designers use to communicate their mass and volumes to builders before creating masterpieces. The same concept is being used. Breaking down architecture into simple geometry using one simple medium (ink) and contrasting colours. Idea is to highlight a typical facade in Valletta with the vision to try to develop the understanding of the distinct contribution that architecture can make in defining  space. An earth colour is being used to bring the main object in a spotlight. The chosen colour sitting in the background is a basic earth colour as a strong connotation between the ground and other spaces which must be identified as our “common ground".