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Untitled IV, 2021

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  • Hand Printed Silver Gelatin print.
  • 20cm by 20cm artwork size
  • 24cm by 24cm framed
  • 1/5 (and 1 AP)
  • 2021
  • Numbered and signed at front 

  • Sheldon Saliba| Photographer |Malta @qoxra.gewwa
    Artist participating in 20 x 20 Exhibition: Edition 2

    Sheldon Saliba is an emerging artist and student reading for a Bachelor of Art (Honours) in History of Art. His themes of research are still everchanging and range from interpretations of traditional cabinets of curiosities, to exploring the use of land, as well as notions of destructive escapism.

    The same thing could be said for mediums he makes use of, although Sheldon’s preferred medium is photography, he frequently enjoys breaking off from traditional photography by using beat up analogue film cameras and manipulating rolls of exposed film, as well as exploring other mediums, such as sculpture, installation art and on site interventions.

    From RUINS series.