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The Portal

The Portal

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by Maja Säholm Westling

  • From the collection Porto l'Universo
  • Acrylic paint on canvas & epidote on quartz semi-precious crystal
  • 18cm by 24cm unframed 
  • 22cm by 28cm framed in white L shaped frame
  • 2022

Porto l'universo- A collection taking inspiration by the universe: space, foreign planets and the stars. Each art piece is bejewelled with semi-precious crystals having healing vibrational metaphysical properties. Also, features the artist signature golden frame, creating an illusion of each piece being a "portal into the universe".

About this particular artwork: 
Inspired by black holes in space and the idea of time travelling. Attached is the semi-precious crystal Epidote on Quartz, from Morocco. Epidote on Quartz assists in releasing patterns of negativity from the emotional body. It is known as a transformational crystal that brings harmony and helps clear physical, emotional and spiritual blockages.

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