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Splashing through Streams by Anna Bussot

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  • Ink and Oil Paint on Board
  • 20cm by 20cm (4cm deep) artwork size x 9 
  • 60cm by 60cm total size (without gaps) 
  • 2021
  • signed
  •  “Splashing through streams”. The series of nine wooden panels is conceived as a whole, however each board is individual.
    This work aims to the fusion of the art (as artifice) with the natural, allowing us to imagine a nature transformed into dreaminess.
    The wave route forms a kind of landscape of the evanescent through which we approach the movement of the life, interpreting itself as a relationship between space and time that fluctuates in the apparent weakness of the routine.
    The reading of the work joins one's own perception, allowing us to imagine new worlds or different worlds beyond our knowledge. So, the composition depicts the antithesis of presence: The illusory fiction of the images we build.

    Anna Bussot | Spain

    She studied at the Escola Massana in Barcelona, graduating in Fire Enamels and has a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona.
    She works in her studio in Barcelona because it allows her to approach the "remembered" landscape in a dialogical way, between research and nostalgia.
    She mostly works on paper with ink, watercolor, oil pastel or pencil. And she also paints in oil on board or canvas.
    She exhibits regularly at the gallery of Resipole Studios (Scotland) and has exhibited in several galleries in Catalonia. She also collaborates in artistic projects of the Catalan group "Cuks".
    She has been a finalist in some painting and drawing awards, in both Catalonia and Scotland.