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Life's Acrobatics, 2021

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  • Oils on canvas paper 
  • 20cm by 20cm artwork size
  • 30cm by 30cm mounted 
  • 33cm by 33cm framed
  • 2021
  • signed on the front

    Michelle Gialanze | Malta @mixa_paintings_

    With her past education at the graphic design school in Valletta as well as under several artists locally and abroad, Michelle Gialanze (aka Mixa) plans her work with research and then paints, with her textured oil paintings resulting in an impressionistic symbolic style that also have underlying meanings closely associated to the text she would have written in her research. Michelle has had several collective exhibitions culminating in her first solo in May 2019 'Hidden' which was a resounding success. This was then followed by an exhibition in London titled 'Momentum', where she used several perspectives of a singular instance to create a visual image of the moment. She has done this through a layering technique which highlights a personal narrative she created on her grandmother. This was followed by several other exhibitions in Malta and her paintings may be found in many private collections located in Malta, Germany, United Kingdom, America and the Caribbean Islands.
    One way or another we will make it through.