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by Nina Raydan, from the series 'Potato Dictatorship'

  • Coloured pencil on paper 
  • 25cm by 35cm
  • unframed, unmounted

    *should you like to see this work, please let us know a few days in advance

The “potato” portrait of Ivan Kubrakov – minister of internal affairs of Belarus, criminal, supporter of the regime of Lukashenko (the dictator, who immersed the country into repressions and fear, who supports V. Putin in every way, including war in Ukraine).

“Potato men” – a bit offensive nickname of Belarusians, because of the most famous dish in Belarus, which is potato pancakes. The series of portraits “Potato dictatorship” shows the representatives of the regime as old rotten wrinkled potatoes which should be thrown away in a trash bin of history. 

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