JUAN ALMARZA ANWANDTER - Heraclitus- Fragment no. 52

JUAN ALMARZA ANWANDTER - Heraclitus- Fragment no. 52

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by Juan Almarza Anwandter

  • 20cm by 20cm unframed 
  • 27cm by 27cm framed
  • HQ digital print on photo paper

Symbolic representation of Heraclitus's Fragment no. 52 (Diels-Kranz ed., text in German). 


Juan Almarza Anwandter, Dipl.Ing., is an architect, graduated from Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso, Chile (1997) and holds a Master's degree in Arts Theory and History from Universidad de Chile (2014). Since year 2000 and in parallel to his professional activity he has developed his academic career as Professor of Architectural Design and Theory in different Chilean universities, focusing his interests mainly in the field of aesthetics, semiotics, phenomenology and arts critical theory. He is currently a PhD candidate in the department of Architectural Theory at TU Berlin and works as an independent artist, musician and art critic.