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Grand Vista

Grand Vista

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by Maja Säholm Westling

  • From the collection Porto l'Universo
  • Acrylic paint on canvas & Vanadinite semi-precious crystal
  • 18cm by 24cm unframed 
  • 22cm by 28cm framed in white L shaped frame
  • 2022

Porto l'universo- A collection taking inspiration by the universe: space, foreign planets and the stars. Each art piece is bejewelled with semi-precious crystals having healing vibrational metaphysical properties. Also, features the artist signature golden frame, creating an illusion of each piece being a "portal into the universe".

About this particular artwork: 
Inspired by the grand and powerful blue storms. Attached is the semi-precious crystal Azurite Malachite from Morocco. The combination of azurite and malachite which is said to exhibit the properties of each individual stone, plus some which come uniquely from their partnership. Azurite is often referred to as 'the stone of heaven," providing insight into all areas of life, promoting intuitive skills and stimulating creativity. Malachite is believed to encourage action and enact change and heal the heart. The crystal is therefore an excellent choice for those who wish to empower themselves through creativity, or seek healing.

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