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Christine X Art Gallery

Garden Room With a View

Garden Room With a View

by Michelle Morrissey 

  • Household paint on canvas with monoprinting 
  • 120cm by 120cm canvas size
  • 2022

    In this large scale painting, is it ‘uncertain' which room has the view? Is it the room within the top left hand green window or is it the large room in the forefront of the painting which is filled with flowers entangled with ‘run away weeds’?  Within the painting are mono-prints taken from plastic food packaging, which highlight its current use in society and of course it ongoing damage to our fertile growing land. Painted using household paints, normally associated with upkeep of the home or decorating paint for windows, doors and balconies. Here the artwork has transformed. The masculine working paint  into a lively, uplifting, energetic and most feminine artwork, highlighting the diversity of all materials and versatility outside of their original box .

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