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Forest On A Hill

Forest On A Hill

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by James Charles Hester

  • Acrylics on canvas 
  • 122cm by 122cm stretched on a 3cm deep stretcher
  • Liquitex archive quality satin varnish
  • 2023

Completed during the month of October 2023, this is the first time the artist experienced an autumn outside of his English homeland. The painting harks back to a stay at an old converted mill on a tidal creek in Fowey, Cornwall. He says: 

“It has been so strange for me not to see the leaves turning different colours. All those hues of ochre, coffee and wine. And it’s also been peculiar to not see the hanging mists in the morning or experience that cold bite in the air that brings with it such a crystal clarity to everything when the mists disappear. Meanwhile, the beautiful Maltese summer just seems to flow ever on and on. I’m certainly not complaining! What a treat! But I guess this painting is my way of saying: until you leave a place you don’t really know what it is you’ll miss or who you actually are”.

James Charles Hester is a British born artist primarily working in paint on canvas. His obsession with texture and the harmony of colour in nature began when he took a 35mm camera to document an abandoned section of the Cliveden estate, Berkshire. Where he was soon caught by a security guard, who instead of reporting him to the police, kindly permitted another hour of exploration in that strange and silent place where nature had triumphed in claiming back what mankind had put there. 

  It is this singular event that has sustained itself in the artist’s memory as though it were the purest of chords struck. Half a lifetime on and with visits to cities such as Venice, Reykjavik and Valletta - with their myriad layers of deep history on view - this obsession with mysterious atmospheres, weathered texture and the more subtle beauty of nature has only grown further still. 

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