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Fishing for Tentacles, 2017

Fishing for Tentacles, 2017

by Tiny Island Studio (drawn by Jimmy Grima and printed by Max Saliba)

  • Tiny Island Series 2 #04/08 (edition of 8 +AP/PP)
  • 75cm by 55.5cm  paper size 
  • 60cm by 45cm area showing 
  • Gozo, Spring 2017 
  • handpulled, 300 gsm cotton paper 
  • signed and numbered by the artist and printer
  • 5 colours

    Tiny Island Series is an ongoing collaboration between Jimmy Grima and Max Saliba, producing a series of limited edition prints drawn and hand-pulled on the island of Gozo.

    A pictorial explanation of how they're done: 


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