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Eternity, 2021

Eternity, 2021

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  • Digital Collage
  • 20cm by 20cm artwork size
  • 30cm by 30cm mounted
  • 33cm by 33cm framed
  • 2021
  • unlimited number of prints
  • signed and dated on the front

    Pawel Pacholec | Poland @paul.piotrowicz

    Pawel Pacholec, who studied arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, works with collage technique putting much emphasis on composition and esthetic outcome where each element is placed carefully into position. He has exhibited in the USA, Canada, China, Australia, the UK, Portugal, Italy, Sweden, Netherlands, Israel, Greece, Hungary, Lithuania, Romania, Indonesia, Turkey, Kenya and Poland and has been published in many different magazines. His influences are Kurt Schwitters, Robert Rauschenberg, Raoul Hausmann, Georges Braque, Max Ernst and Jonathan Talbot.
    Is eternity our ally and gift or the greatest enemy and curse? Do we have any
    choice and influence on the space-time in which we exist? Are we active
    constructors of it and give it a shape or passive reproducers without the
    possibility of making decisions? One thing seems certain that mankind will strive
    for the progress and development of civilization, wanting to cross subsequent
    borders and barriers set by nature, science and technology.

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