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DINA BELAIA - Vicious Circle

DINA BELAIA - Vicious Circle

by Dina Belaia

  • 20cm by 20cm unframed
  • 32.7cm by 32.7cm framed
  • Graphite on paper

It's about the human condition. 



Dina Belaia's drawings and paintings follow the school of Analytical Abstractionism. It employs a process of non-programmed creating forms from particular to whole, analysing the appearing image rather than synthesizing it. Try to understand not what, but how, it is done. Be interested not in the face of the clock, but in the inner mechanism to understand progression of time.

Dina started her visual art training at an early age while living in Russia. At 15, she joined the Analytical Art Studio, and still follows this school and artistic method. In Canada, she continued her studies and graduated in Visual Arts from York University. She works as an illustrator and graphic designer as well as a fine artist. Dina prefers drawing with pencil to any other media, although occasionally opting for painting and digital imagery.

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