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by Angie Balzan

  • 20cm by 20cm unframed
  • 33cm by 33cm framed
  • Alcohol inks on yupo paper 

An artwork created in layers to form a collage style image. Each and every layer is created through experiences and images collected in our subconsciousness. Placed together, all these elements create a final image that is unique to each and every one of us. That is our perspective and it is unique as much as our DNA. This is the artist's unique perspective of Exotika – a distant paradise where the surreal merges with the real to create an aura of wonder and mystery.


Angie Balzan is the founder of Legends & Dreams Malta design studio, whose specialisation is creating art on silk. Graduating with a Masters in Theatre, Stage and Costume Design from the University of London, she creates mixed media artworks that are as dramatic, colourful, textured and complex. Every piece tells a story with layers, weaving images of life through legends and dreams. Performance on paper.