An Infinite Labyrinth

An Infinite Labyrinth

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by Elena Degenhardt  ***selected for the Society of Fine Graphic Art’s Annual Exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London ***

  • Soft pastels on paper
  • 40cm by 30cm unframed
  • 44cm by 34cm x 2cm framed

    * Professionally framed in natural light wood frame with non-reflective TruVue glass. 
"Time is an infinite labyrinth. We are wandering in the labyrinth of our time.

 There are multiple times existing simultaneously. Other people’s labyrinths cross and influence our own. The interaction between multiple labyrinths creates gravitational waves which are omitted by every move we make. These waves stop at certain nodes, where decisions are made, collide with other waves. Either coherent or incoherent, these waves amplify or decrease other waves and lead to an impact on nearby systems. They might even change the wavelength of other systems, meaning that they could change the rhythm of other lives.