ALEXANDRA AQUILINA- Strawberry Mivvy 2/3 (Green)

ALEXANDRA AQUILINA- Strawberry Mivvy 2/3 (Green)

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by Alexandra Aquilina

  • 20cm by 20cm unframed 
  • 30cm by 30cm mounted 
  • 33cm by 33cm framed
  • Green and neon uv pink and yellow gradient silk-screen print on white card. 
  • Signed, numbered and dated
  • Limited edition - Green 2/3
  • 2020

* can be framed for extra 30 Euros


Alexandra Aquilina is a self-taught silk screen print maker and illustrator based in Berlin. Her art is inspired by the things she is most passionate about: Malta, food, pop-culture, cats and women's rights activism.