Levitation II

by Elena Degenhardt

“‘Levitation’ paintings depict an intimate journey from overcoming the deep-rooted fear of open sea waters to the oneness with the sea. I grew up and have lived in different countries and cultures and have moved so often that I do not associate myself with any particular mentality, nationality or place. This often makes me feel unsettled because a sense of belonging is a human need. The only place where I regain that sense of belonging to something bigger than myself now is when I am in the sea. Floating in the sea gives me roots.

I love pastel because it doesn’t create any barrier between myself and an artwork. I don’t aim at achieving realism of the subject but realism of an emotion, letting pastels lead my hand to createxpressive marks. I work with professional artists pastels, mainly with handmade soft pastels by British company UNISON Colour.”

  • Soft pastels on paper
  • 30cm by 45cm artwork size
  • 43cm by 58cm mounted
  • 47.5cm by 62.5cm framed in non-reflective, UV protective museum TruVue glass


Born in West Siberia, Elena Degenhardt is a German artist, currently residing at the Mediterranean coast of France. Elena has a special connection to Malta, where she and her family lived for a few years and where her profound relationship with the sea began. She works mainly in pastel and is known for her immersive, large-scale waterscapes between realism and abstraction, personal, dreamlike underwater figurative works and emotionally charged portraits. A Signature Pastelist of the Pastel Society of America and Master Pastelist of the International Association of Pastel Societies, Elena has shown her work extensively in national and international curated, invitational and juried gallery and museum exhibitions and has been featured in major art publications, including Pastel Journal, Fine Art ConnoisseurAmerican Art Collector, Artists and Illustrators,  and Pratique des Arts. Her works are in private collections throughout Europe, USA, Canada, UK and Australia.


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