by Thomas Scerri

These pieces are from an ongoing series of work initiated during the summer of 2023, which was my final summer residing in Malta. This body of work serves as a reflective exploration of fragments from my home country which draws inspiration from a collection of photographs accumulated over the years; compositions that are influenced by the interplay between Malta’s radiant sunlight and the muted tones of its architectural structures. Through these images, I seek to evoke a sense of nostalgia, rooted in the cherished memories of summer days from my childhood.

  • 2023
  • Mixed media on wooden panel
  • 75 cm by 60 cm artwork size
  • 78 cm by 63 cm framed
  • Original, one and only artwork


Thomas Scerri (b. 1990) is a multimedia artist based in Co. Cork and Malta. His primary focus lies in exploring the intricate interplay between the man-made and the natural. The relationship between human intervention and the surroundings is a recurring theme in his artistic practice that aims to encourage the audience to contemplate the potential consequences of unsustainable human intervention. Frequently commencing with mundane urban subjects, his work distils them to their bare essence, yielding abstract forms that are primarily driven by the unconscious and dictated by the material. Thomas studied at the University of Malta achieving a BFA and MFA in Digital Arts. He has been exhibiting his work for the past 8 years at respected galleries such as Spazju Kreattiv, Lazuli, Iniala 5 and Malta Society of Arts and has also exhibited internationally at the École Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie, Arles, France under the curation of renown photographer Tadashi Ono and at the Uillinn: West Cork Arts Centre, Skibbereen, Ireland under the curation of Petrina Shortt.


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