Il-kebbies tal-fanali

by Mariam De Giorgio

  • Mixed media on paper
  • 29.7cm by 21cm artwork size


Mariam De Giorgio is a Maltese artist specialising in acrylic painting and illustration. She also enjoys experimenting with ink, watercolours and mixed media. Mariam’s paintings have a distinctive personal style that allows viewers to enter a whimsical world. This is also due to the choice of palette, even when depicting real places and figures. She has illustrated a number of childrens’ books, including Sensiela Fanali published by BDL Publishing and Juliet Discovers Wellbeing in the President’s Secret Garden published by the Foundation for the Wellbeing of Society. She is a Bachelor of Fine Arts graduate (2012) from the MCAST institute of Art and Design, Malta, and is a member of the Malta Community of Illustrators. Mariam’s work was selected for exhibitions in Malta and overseas by the National Book Council and the Maltese Embassy in Spain. She has participated in several group shows, such as Malta Design Week in 2011, ‘An Educated Guess’ and ‘6:6’, both in 2012. A first solo exhibition ‘Lampuki Moqli’ was held in January 2023.


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