Thomas Scerri

Thomas Scerri (b. 1990) is a multimedia artist based in Co. Cork and Malta. His primary focus lies in exploring the intricate interplay between the man-made and the natural. The relationship between human intervention and the surroundings is a recurring theme in his artistic practice that aims to encourage the audience to contemplate the potential consequences of unsustainable human intervention. Frequently commencing with mundane urban subjects, his work distils them to their bare essence, yielding abstract forms that are primarily driven by the unconscious and dictated by the material.
Thomas was exposed to art from a very young age, being born to ceramicist Paul Scerri. Although he initially pursued his studies in Mechanical Engineering at MCAST and earned a Higher National Diploma, he later redirected his focus to art and design. In 2014, he successfully completed a Diploma in Design Foundation Studies, followed by a Bachelor of Arts in Digital Arts in 2017, and ultimately achieved a Master of Fine Arts in Digital Arts in 2019 at the University of Malta.
Over the years, Thomas has actively explored diverse materials and techniques in his artistic practice. Throughout the years, Thomas has been experimenting with various materials and techniques. His work was first exhibited in 2016 at VGB Art in Valletta, a series of paintings entitled Deceit. Later on, he had his second solo exhibition entitled Self which formed part of his thesis for the BFA in Digital Arts course in 2017 which took place at Marie Gallery 5 in Mosta. This was his first series of metal sculptures, a medium which frequently features in Thomas’ work. In 2021, Thomas had his third solo show entitled Rooftops. This work combined sculpture and painting and served as an introduction to his minimalist work. Thomas has actively participated in various collective shows along the years.

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