The 20s - TAKE TWO virtual exhibition OPENING ON 26th MARCH 2021 at 19:30



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Size:  75cm x 83cm
Medium: Oil on canvas
Edition: Single edition 


Short Description:

I focus on relationships in our lives where many emotions come and go. I pay attention to the mood of the space itself, which can make the image stand out even more without showing the image itself properly. The medium of painting usually talks through structural stories that end in the frame. However, I impulse to make the stories to come out of the frame and to show the space in itself. Space in the canvas can make viewers imagine the extended spaces, the various “distance” revealed in such attempts further stimulates the audience’s thinking. I compared the extended distance in paintings to the distance of the relationship in our lives. 

I think the distance of space that a woman is looking at is the distance of human relations in our lives.  I wanted to focus on the distance between the space and the characters. The emotions from the distance show that there is an invisible gap that cannot be reached even if you want to. The gap refers to the gap that comes from all relationships in our lives. Although the view of simply looking is maintained at a distance from the subject and object of the space, along with the perspective-taking, when space is extended to the imagination. While perspective-taking separates one’s and another’s perspectives into separate things and accepts emotions, thoughts, and knowledge from others’ positions, active acceptance of space is to accept space as an emotional space due to the audience’s emotions. The audience feels the space shown in the image as a distance from the relationship and I am waiting for the active attention of the audience to cross the distances.

Woosun Choi is an independent visual artist from Seoul, South Korea, who is now earning her MFA Fine Art from Nottingham Trent University, in the United Kingdom. She specializes in Oil Painting, but likes to experiment with installation and sculpture as well. Her practice revolves around externalisation of personal emotions, in various fictional characters that she asserts are all a part of herself, radically taking the idea of self-portraiture beyond the self. She examines the social and political nature of these themes; scrutinizing the ordinary aspect of the daily life and transforming, and transporting it into a new reality.