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BUBBLY by Deimante Dociute

BUBBLY by Deimante Dociute

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Size: 594mm x 1260mm
Medium: Photography

Short Description:
'Bubbly’ is a sculptural piece made of balloons and captured in a photographic triptych. The human-like figure with colourful, bubbly outside and contrary body language reflects the opposition between how people may appear and how differently they might feel, especially in current times. 

Deimante Dociute is a Lithuanian visual artist, currently based in the United Kingdom. She  explores themes of body image, male gaze and female identity in the society through a  playful standpoint and usage of a variety of materials, different mediums, mostly  concentrating on a sculptural result. Distorted figurative forms add multiple meanings to her  work at the same time leaving some space for viewer's imagination. Therefore, the main focal  point is not a solution to issues behind the thematic of her work, but rather the broader  picture of various possible perspectives. Layers of different viewpoints as well as acceptance  of the new ones create a pattern of complexity in which more accuracy can be found and  better communication through art can be accomplished.