Sue Mifsud

Sue Mifsud is a self employed Ceramic Artist and Designer with a First Class, BA (Hons) Degree in Design, Ceramics from Glasgow School of Art. She has worked with the medium since 1993 producing mainly wheel thrown functional ware although sculptures and conceptual work do creep in from time to time. She mixes all her own glazes, preferring not to buy them ready made, and works with mainly stoneware and rich chocolate black earthenware clays. Texture is a toy she frequently plays with as clay is very generous in making a multitude of surfaces possible.

Sue produces pre-made works, commission work for private clients, design and production work for catering establishments and teaches to all age groups and abilities.

Her Facebook and Instagram accounts are updated on a regular basis, the website is not due to lack of time. If you would like an up to date view of her current designs, please switch to one of these social media sites and enjoy a direct connection with the artist. She only (reluctantly) maintains a website to satisfy boxes, which are always too small, on application forms, and social/peer pressure.
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