Selina Scerri

Following her graduation in 2007, Selina based herself in London where she worked as an artist for two years under a contract with Salon Gallery, now Salon Contemporary, as well as with many different galleries and worked on varied projects for charity, usually involving children and the disabled. She has exhibited in London and at a few other cities in Italy. Following her arrival in Malta in 2010, she also ventured in continuing her studies, whilst also travelling to Madrid and Rome for inspiration.

Her work is a celebration of being human, and pursues a creative force that is limitless: the palette and subjects evoke a dream-like freedom. Encouraging positivity, love and kindness, her visuals are something of another world of femininity and adventure. Within the last few years, she dedicated most of her time to researching and developing a project that combines art in a public space in order to discover new perspectives in the city and her life at the Ritz Arcades. A firm advocate of contemporary art’s mission to increasingly engage with the economic, political and social discourses, she believes that social innovation comes trough inclusion and acceptance.

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