Collection: Nicky Conti

Nicky is originally from Malta. She started photography in 2014 while living in New York.  After experimenting with different genres, her main focus became street photography, which she has been pursuing since 2018. Her photography is characterised by compelling narratives and intriguing ways of looking at streets and urban surroundings. She achieves this by utilising environmental geometric shapes and patterns. She also creates visual aesthetics and painterly effects using sunlight or street light. Her mission is to create extraordinary moments from ordinary, everyday street scenes.  A travel enthusiast, Nicky challenges herself to capture the essence of the places she visits through the landscape of their streets, including those of her home country.

Artist Statement: 

I’ve lived away from My Island for almost two decades, yet my sense of identity still relies on the memories I created growing up. During my short visits back home, the fear of forgetting leads me to wonder the streets with my camera in search of memories, creating new ones and re-creating old ones. My Island’s identity lies in its centuries-old streets, houses and historical places. This identity forms my own.

Memories are never one hundred percent accurate. We only remember what was significant to us at the time, heightening certain details and dimming others. My photography represents mental memories - capturing a moment in time allowing it to live as long as possible, even forever. I use contrast, colour, shapes and light to visualise what I recall, while dark shadows, negative space and silhouettes mask forgotten parts. 

I invite you to create your own memories while rekindling old ones through mine.

Nicky Conti