Artist: Nickie Sultana

Born in 1973, Nickie is an established internationally celebrated Maltese artist, specialising in portraiture, local landscapes and seascapes using oil as her preferred medium. Having completed her studies in classical and contemporary art at Lorenzo Dei Medici and Leonardo da Vinci academies in Florence Italy, Nickie has held eight successful solo exhibitions since 1995 and participates in various collective exhibitions both locally and overseas. Her portfolio includes A full months workshop with Academy Award winners Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and their children during the filming of World war Z. Nickie also features in the International dictionary of artists who painted Malta by Nicholas de Piro, and produced a series of paintings for the co-production of Troy, the 2004 epic period war film.ż

Her work can be found in many local and foreign residences and business centres. Nickie follows in her father’s footsteps, Arnold sultana, a renowned Maltese artist whose work depicts local life in studies of the landscape mostly in towns, villages and detailed church interiors.

‘Nickie is influenced and inspired by the sea, vast atmospheric expanses and captivating skies. Sometimes depicting mysterious yet calm atmospheres often present in her pieces of work evidently conveyed in her choice of colours, values and content.

Nickie strongly believes that “The job of the artist is always to deepen mystery. The artist vocation is to send light to the human heart, a good artist turns his energy into something beautiful, they use it to fuel their creativity and make work that resonates with others. Anyone can be an artist but you can recognise a great artist by how their work makes others feel.”

Nickie’s approach has been progressively fluid along the years from experimenting with various themes and techniques, whether working on commissions or creating and developing her own artistic style.

Nickie works from her studio at home in Ibragg
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