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Guo Ming An, a watercolourist from China who also goes by the name of Geoffrey, is a still life and floral painter. He is a member of the California Watercolor Society CWA (USA)  and a member of the Melbourne Watercolor Society (Australia). 

His works have been selected for many competitions at home and abroad, and many works are loved and collected. In July 2019, "Tulip" was selected as the second National People's Teacher Watercolor in Spring Breeze and Rain Exhibition of pastel paintings. In October 2019, two works "Blooming" and "Purple Blossoms" were selected for the first prize at the International Watercolor Exhibition exhibited at Melbourne Exhibition Hall. Later that year, in November, "Sunshine Blossoms" and "Blooming" were shortlisted for the Malaysia Internet Art Competition for the "Flowers" exhibition. In March 2020, "Warm Sun in the Afternoon" participated in the exhibition organized by the Melbourne Watercolor Society of Australia. In the event of "Going forward with art, fighting the epidemic together", the works were sold for charity and donated in full.  In April 2020, "Vitality" was selected for Martini's "Sound of Spring" International Watercolor Exhibition and in May 2020, "Bumper Harvest" was selected as the fifth in the competition 'International Labour Day National Watercolor Pastel Online'.  Last year, in April 2021, "Abundant Fruits" was shortlisted for the "World Famous Watercolor Works" held by Public Watercolor Copying Exhibition and in December 2021, "Fast Light of Morning" won the Genius Award of the 3rd International Flower Art Competition in the United States.