ANTJE LIEMANN- St. John's Co-Cathedral

ANTJE LIEMANN- St. John's Co-Cathedral

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by  Antje Liemann

  • 20cm by 20cm unframed
  • Digital collage print 2/12 
  • Signed and dated and numbered
  • 2020

* can be framed for extra 30 Euros 


Antje Liemann’s practice is concerned with light and colour. Through the development of her practice, from film-making and installation to painting, she has used light as a medium, and attempted to capture its properties as a tangible, yet ever-changing medium. Colour and chromatics – always related to light – are also a preoccupation for her practice, since through colour, she creates planes and layers of light and time within her work.

Lately, she has been concerned with the idea of "Sehnsucht" - a German word goes back to German Romanticism meaning something like addiction or a strong longing for something unreachable.