ALEXANDER CHERNAVSKIY -   Collage of Human no.3

ALEXANDER CHERNAVSKIY - Collage of Human no.3

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by  Alexander Chernavkiy

  • 20cm by 20cm 
  • Digital coloured photographic collage print
  • unframed

* can be framed at extra cost, depending on frame chosen.

** This artwork is not yet in Malta (COVID19 delays). Should you be interested in reserving it, do let us know and we will reserve it and let you know once it is received. 


Once post-modern human raised the slogan on its shield - "anything goes". Anything is possible, and anything can combine with anything. As a result of mass disappointment in the world of achievements of Modern, after millions of deaths and not very comforting results of the first half of XX century for humanity - something new appeared. A large number of intellectuals have declared a new era - and even more so, its salvation necessity for mankind.

By the beginning of the 21st century, the transformation of postmodern civilization was not complete, but only claimed its rights in all spheres of life, especially in modern culture. At this stage of reflection on the mosaic and contradictory space of modernity, the author sees collage as one of the most suitable artistic techniques for reflexive reflection on the developing postmodern world. Multilayered and multiple connotations are a feature of contemporary perception, and the two works presented are the author's imagination in the context of the main properties of such a cultural phenomenon as postmodern in the world of the post-modern man.


Born in 1981 in Moscow, Russia, Alexander Chernavkiy 's career emerged in the wake of the influence of documentary traditions and contemporary art as the fields of his main interest. Alexander Chernavskiy is the member of the Union of Russian Photo Artists since 2009. He was a participant of different festivals and exhibitions in Russia, Georgia, Belarus, Latvia, Ukraine, USA, Bulgaria, France, Greece, Belgium, Slovenia, UK and Lithuania. In 2015-2019 he produced 6 self-published photo books. His text and artworks were published by Privatephotoreview, Sonder review, Snapdragon, Stoneboat, Raven Chronicles, Dodho, The Ocotillo Review, Obra/Artefact in recent years.